A Guide in Building a Bucket Rat Trap

Building a bucket rat trap allows you to capture a number of Alabama rodents without the need to reset the device. Creating this trap is also very simple that all the materials that you need can be found in your house. By following our guide, you will never buy again any poison or invest on an expensive cage traps that are sometimes ineffective.

A Step-By-Step Guide in Building a Bucket Rat Trap
The first thing that you need to do is to gather all the necessary materials. We will need a bucket preferably those with a 5 gallon capacity. We will also need a dowel. You can use a wood material but we recommend using metal. Your average hanger will work perfectly for this project. You should also prepare a tin can, peanut butter, and wood plank that you can use as a ramp.

Step 1: Drilling Holes
After you’ve collected the necessary materials, we will start drilling holes on your bucket. You can use a hand drilling machine to create perfect holes on top of the bucket. Be sure to create holes on both sides of the bucket. The holes should be enough for the dowel to fit. You should also create holes on the flat section of the tin can.

Step 2: Insert the Dowels
Once you successfully created a hole, it is time for you to insert the dowel. Metal materials will be sturdier and can withstand even the weight of the large rat. Since you need a dowel that will be thin enough to fit the hole, a thin wood material will easily break when subjected to extreme pressure. You will insert the bottles on the tin can holes and the bucket holes.

Step 3: Baiting
Baiting is an essential part of the process that will increase the possibility of trapping the Birmingham rat or the mouse. There are pastes that can be availed in the market. Simply coat the tin can with the paste and this will attract the attention of the rodent. However, for those who do not wish to use the bait paste, then you can simply coat it with peanut butter. It has a greasy texture and a sweet scent that the rodent loves.

Step 4: Placing the Ramp
Place the ramp on a slanting position. The rat will be trapped in the bucket the moment they tried to jump to eat the Birmingham peanut butter. The weight of the mouse will put the tin can into motion and the mouse will end up inside the bucket. Those who plan to kill the mice are adding anti-freeze at the bottom of the bucket. However, we do not recommend the use of antifreeze since this will be inhumane. It also has a sweet smell that can attract the attention of your pets.

Follow this procedure and you should be able to concoct your own bucket rat trap. It enables you to capture multiple rodents in a small space.

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