A Quick List of the Wildlife Nuisance Creatures

Simply because they are referred to as wildlife it does not necessarily mean that they can only be found in the wild setting. While it may be true that the setting of the urban areas is separated from nature, there are still selections of wild animals that prefer to live in the cityscape. This may range from rats to squirrels.

Shortlist of Nuisance Creatures That You Will Encounter in the Urban Setting

Let us start enumerating the different types of Alabama wild animals that you may encounter in the streets of Western Europe and US. You might be surprised to know that some of them will prefer to live close to the human population.

Mice and Rats

The mice and Birmingham rats have no problems in co-existing with larger beings such as human. Even during the prehistoric era, they will choose to live side-by-side with the larger dinosaurs. Perhaps the reason why there are too many rodents living in the city is due to the fact that they have an opportunistic behavior. There are too many spaces where they can establish their den and they will also have an easy access to food. Unfortunately, the mice and rats are possible carrier of the disease. They have been associated with the Black Death that almost wiped out the population in the urban areas during the medieval period.


Pigeons, also referred to as ‘rats-with-wings’ are the second most common wild creatures in the city. Over the years, the pigeons have understood that living close to the human will provide them a quick access to their necessities. The design of the human structures will give them an opportunity to establish their nest without being threatened by the predators. There are still pigeons in the wild but the feral pigeons in the city have learned how to scavenge for food. If you want to reduce their presence, then you need to find ways on how to secure your food wastes.


Raccoons deserve to be included in this list due to the damages that they can cause. They have a habit of invading our attic and rummaging our trash bin. Apart from that, they are also possible carrier of the rabies virus. Raccoons are smart and their highly developed senses will allow them to open a trash can with a complex locking mechanism. They are persistent eaters and will not be thwarted with obstacles as long as they can gain the reward, which is food.


Just like the mice and the rats, the Birmingham squirrels are part of the rodent family. The squirrels will not be usually found in our kitchen. They will normally eat nuts, seeds, and food scraps. These small creatures have been imported in the city to encourage the residents to be familiar with nature. Unfortunately, their population became uncontrollable that leads to conflict with humans. 

Other nuisance creatures that you will discover in the urban areas are rabbits, red foxes, sea gulls, and skunks. Do not be fooled by the adorable look of these creatures since they can cause an unimaginable destruction.

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