What is a Natural Deterrent for Squirrels?

During your younger years when you were just listening to the tales and legends, you probably think that Alabama squirrels are harmless creatures with adorable front teeth and the fluffy tails. Now that you are a little older and smarter, you now know that squirrels are garden thieves. They will steal our crops once its reach the peak of its ripeness. They are also agile and clever creatures that allow them to evade all the deterrents we set-up in our home. Perhaps you don’t have the will to hurt them but the damage that they can inflict on your garden can be uncontrollable. The secret is to make your place less attractive to this creature.

Using Natural Deterrent to Get Rid of Squirrels
Despite of the fact that there are lots of repellents sold in the market today, most homeowners still prefer to stick with the natural ingredients. Apart from the fact that they are inexpensive, they also do not contain toxic ingredient that can harm their household members. One of the best natural ways to repel them would be to install fences. You need to keep it high enough to prevent the squirrels from accessing your property. Practically speaking, fences will not be able to affect the sense of smell of the squirrels. In case you want to prepare your own repellent that will affect their sense of smell, we listed some of them below.

Coffee Grounds
In case you love getting a daily dose of caffeine, you should not easily discard the coffee grounds. Simply spread the coffee grounds on the areas where you usually see the squirrels. You may also spread them all over your Birmingham garden bed. Apart from affecting their scents, it can also fertilize the soil. In case you do not have a left-over coffee ground, you can visit your local coffee shop and ask some of their coffee grounds. Most of them will be more than happy to give it away. However, the squirrels can easily adapt to the smell of the coffee and it produces a small degree of efficacy.

Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne Pepper is normally the base ingredient of different Birmingham squirrel repellents. Spread it all over your plants or add it on your bird feeder and this nuisance creature will generally avoid them. Remember that when you are using a spicy ingredient, you should keep your pets away from the areas that you treated.

The strong stench that the garlic produces can probably prevent squirrel infestation. Get your old sock and fill it with crushed garlic. After that, hang it in the areas where you often see the squirrels. Nonetheless, the smell of the garlic can quickly dissipate. You will need to replace it on a regular basis.

Some people also tend to use vinegar and soap solution. With the wide range of solution to choose from, you can guarantee that the ingredients will be highly accessible. However, repellents have a low-level of efficacy. Most wildlife creatures are smart and can adapt to these sudden changes in their environment. For a more effective solution, seek the guidance of a wildlife removal company.

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